Identifying Moments in a Noisy World

Imagine a Multi-Dimensional Space unraveling a connected user’s ‘Observed’ device usage on a never ending Time-Scale and Location-Scale

DataCultr for OEMs: Express IQ

Visualise your users & understand how devices are being used' allowing you to take quick & informed decisions

Express Notify, to manage your customers’ entire life cycle

Push Notification Platform with Rich formats for Connected Devices & Apps


DataCultr works with ‘connected device’ manufacturers to analyse device usage across Hardware; Software; Apps & Sensors. 

As billions of devices go online' there is an overload of data' but its necessary to identify signals from the noise' DataCultr picks up all the noise and sifts out the right signals for the relevant channel and presents them in a ‘Useful’ & ‘Usable’ format – we call them ‘MOMENTS’. 

Through this DataCultr is trying to instill into the devices ecosystem a ‘culture’ of data' in a manner that all the components benefit & improve efficiencies. 

Device Level Analytics finds Usage across the Connected device ecosystem and even outside


  • Manage Customer Life-Cycle
  • Lower Support Costs
  • Design Great Devices
  • Upsell & Cross-Sell


  • Understand User Behaviour
  • Carry out Effective Advertising & Communication
  • Research


  • Build Smart Apps based on actual data
  • Scale Fast
  • Analyse Real-Time
  • Apply ML & AI


We are a Data As A Service Platform' built with a vision to make simple & intuitive products for the next billion people' who will come on internet' allowing them to experience the power of internet & connected devices' in a manner that will help in increasing productivity and improving lives


DataCultr OPEN

DataCultr is allowing access to a wealth of data for App & product developers to utilise the platform and bring to life great innovations. Developers can learn & analyse device usage...

DataCultr Real Time Audience (RTA)

RTA API for DSPs & DMPs, integrate the RTA API to buy the right audience on your DSP. Also use the API to enrich your existing...

DataCultr Audience

Understand device usage behavior, gain insights and plan your next move. The device usage is aggregated and the right MOMENTs visualized through interactive charts...

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