Mobilising Moments in a Noisy World

Imagine a Multi-Dimensional Space unraveling a connected device on a never ending Time-Scale and Location-Scale

Reduce your DOA & NTF returns!!

User Self-Serve | 50+ diagnostic tests | Agent Remote Access | Preventive Alerts

Significantly reduce DOAs and No Trouble Found (NTF) returns as well as Service centre walk-ins & calls

Make devices affordable!!!

Data driven solution for banks and other financial institutions' to prevent delinquencies and offer more aggressive customer schemes

25% android devices fail, DataCultr tells you why...

DataCultr is an AI driven' solutions platform for OEMs & Telcos to manage Device Lifecycles from factory assembly lines to end of life. Providing vital insights that aid product innovation as well as delightful user experiences.

Device failures alone cost the industry over $7 billion every year' but do you know the main reasons for these failures? Do you know less than 5% device malfunctions are caused by hardware issues?

As billions of devices go online' there is an overload of data' but its necessary to identify signals from the noise' DataCultr picks up all the noise and sifts out the right signals  – we call them ‘MOMENTS’. 

DataCultr products built on these MOMENTs' have found usage across functions - Engineering teams have used it to identify chinks in their products' while support teams use it to ease their users' lives! Sales & planning teams across OEMs have benefitted through relaible device registration details' while CXOs get to see a very accurate picture of their users as they startegize the future of the industry.

At the same time' Telcos' OEMs & the lending ecosystem is making devices affordable' by building on the following pillars provided by DataCultr- Users' Credit Score  | Effective Communication | Remote Device Securing capability to reduce delinquencies. All this with an ultimate aim of bringing Internet to eyeryone.


  • Manage Customer Life-Cycle
  • Lower Support Costs- DOA & NTF returns
  • Design Great Devices
  • Bring innovative features
  • Understand Network leakages
  • Upsell & Cross-Sell


  • User Behaviour
  • Data Driven Marketing
  • Ecosystem
  • Research
  • Innovate


  • User Scores
  • Build Smart Apps based on actual data
  • Scale Fast
  • Analyse Real-Time
  • Run & validate your ML & AI


DataCultr is being built with a vision to increase productivity & improve lives of the next billion people who will come on the internet for the first time.

DataCultr does that by working with various cross-functional teams across OEMs & Telcos' to bring to life powerful concepts like device affordability' user self-serve and remote device secure.


OEM Essential

OEM Essential uses highly optimised on device computing and AI to mash together device usage' and device life stage data with critical contextual variables like...

DataCultr NEXT

DataCultr NEXT builds tools and experiences in collaboration with Telcos & OEMs to make smartphones affordable for the next billion people.


DataCultr provides telcos insights into network black spots and user behaviour' vital to plug potential revenue lekages and provide great user experience.

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