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accelerating financial inclusion

datacultr makes smartphone into a tool for financial inclusion. We allow the unbanked to provide access of the device to the lender, effectively making it into a virtual collateral.

datacultr’s platform Odyssey is a PaaS for Consumer lending companies, it allows them to significantly reduce their risk and cost of collections on ‘New to Credit’ customers in the emerging world.

Lenders use Odyssey to reach out to the borrower in case of delays, gradually impairing the users experience on the device and ultimately locking the device in cases of default.

Device Impairment & Lock

Odyssey manages a user’s experience on the device for the term of the loan, and impairs the device in case of loan repayment delays, eventually locking the device in case of defaults. Odyssey provides 15+ programmable templates to the lender.

Predictive Fraud Management

Using Machine Learning, Odyssey identifies potential fraud by modelling changes in usage pattern and takes immediate action

Collections Digitization

Odyssey improves the Lender’s outreach to a borrower to near 100%, while significantly reducing the overall cost of collections. Through programmable messaging & calling, that work even when the borrower is offline, out of coverage area or unwilling to pick up calls. Now no need to send SMSs or have agent calls, everything is digitised.


securely enables financial inclusion

Odyssey integrates end-to-end with the lent out device on one side and the Lender’s Loan Management System on the other, as well as with device buyback, insurance & repair companies, putting together the entire ecosystem, making it a successful program for both the borrower & the lender.

Odyssey is Safe, Secure &

Enterprise Grade

datacultr’s odyssey uses a combination of core IoT technology, innovative messaging & machine learning to reduce risk for the lender, predict fraud and reduce overall costs.


Odyssey makes it a no-risk decision for you

Odyssey mitigates risk while financing smartphones to “New to Credit” customers as well as low ticket personal loans, converting the smartphone into a collateral.

Managed via our proprietary platform that integrates with the device as well as with the Loan Management Systems, allows the lender to educate users, impair device experience in case of delayed payments & ultimately lock the device in case a default happens, thus significantly reducing NPL’s & risk.

Multi Device Brand Support

Odyssey can integrate with all major brands available in the market, securing financing investments across a range of price points and brands.

Automated Loan Lifecycle Templates

15 ready to use device life cycle management templates with predefined messaging and communication formats or if that is not enough create a custom life cycle for your customers

On Prem or Cloud Deployment Option

Easy integration with existing banking and CRM systems via API’s but more importantly Odyssey can be deployed on premise, thus keeping your data in your secure environment or via our standard PaaS cloud environment


We Drive Incremental Sales

By integrating Odyssey, OEM’s can now tap into a complete ecosystem geared to bring the next billion online and into the Smartphone user fold.

Odyssey drives not just incremental sales for OEM’s but also makes flagship devices more affordable for existing smartphone users.

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