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The Data Stream Platform for IoT

The DataCultr Data Streaming platform enables enterprises to connect and control their data and devices in real-time, helping them take their IoT solutions quicker to market.

A single platform that completely eliminates the requirement of any custom coding while giving enterprise grade reliability and security to the products.

 What’s better? It scales as per your requirement!

Key Features

DataCultr is an enterprise-grade Data Streaming platform for IoT built on a modern cloud-native architecture.

Based on flexible microservices, DataCultr easily adapts to almost any need and application.

It scales from the requirements of a tiny start-up to a massive corporation and supports advanced deployment models for multi-cloud IoT solutions.


  • Support standard, open protocols
  • Support end to end encryption to secure data
  • Connect things directly or via gateways

Data Collection

  • Configure data processing pipelines
  • Collect and process data at scale
  • Optimized overheads

Configuration Management

  • Configure device behaviour
  • Deliver configurations remotely
  • Manage configurations for offline devices

Over The Air Updates

  • Remotely apply updates and patches
  • Future-proof your products
  • Test application updates

Device Management

  • Manage devices and their credentials
  • Maintain a register of digital twins
  • Create device groups


Data Visualisation

  • Build interactive dashboards
  • Visualize data out of the box
  • Custom dashboards

Command Execution

  • Execute commands remotely
  • Priority message delivery
  • Device health status check


  • Support open IoT protocols
  • Flexible microservice architecture
  • Scalable, elastic & self healing
  • Multiple deployment options
  • Gateway support
  • End to end encryption & Security
  • Built on open technologies

Use Cases

Digital Home

Always on secure bi-directional messaging for Digital Home boxes and Embedded Apps.

DataCultr enables seamless encrypted communication between digital home boxes and their respective enterprise applications. The platform also allows remote monitoring & real time management of the digital home boxes.

Financial Services

Banks & consumer finance lending companies can now provide credit to billions of underserved people, significantly reducing their risk using the DataCultr Data Streaming platform.

Financial institutions can now remotely manage Smartphones or Connected devices given out on installments or loan, by setting up a unique device experience & degradation module, that can, if required lock access to the device remotely. Making the device into a viable ‘collateral’.

Consumer Electronics

Android based Smartphone, POS machine & biometric device manufacturers, can track, update & monitor their devices over the air using the DataCultr Data Stream Platform.

DataCultr can enable efficient tracking sales of your devices and manage inventory. Remotely manage your device’s OS updates and security patches. Reduce device servicing costs and customer walk-ins by running diagnostic tests and taking corrective action over the air.

“DataCultr unlocks value!!”

Datacultr allows us to launch our fintech products in emerging markets at unparalleled speeds. The team provides continued and significant support, while adding new features and functionalities with amazing precision.

Product Head, NBFC

Awards & Recognition

News & Updates

DataCultr launches its Edge Gateway Platform

DataCultr allows the secure management, collection, analysis, and real-time action on every aspect of the communications between connected devices on its platform.


Agriculture in a connected world

The need of the hour is to create an ecosystem where there is more awareness and adoption about IoT based solutions for smart agriculture. This will not only make India self-sufficient in terms of its agricultural requirements but can also pave way for global best practices.

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