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OEM Essential uses highly optimised on device computing and AI to mash together device usage' and device life stage data with critical contextual variables like Age on device' Location' Content Consumption and others to identify actionable MOMENTS. Make these MOMENTs work for you through our market first user Self-Serve App and AI driven delivery platform with innovative formats like Storyboard' Carousel' VIdeo' etc

  • Mihi

    Mihi’ Pronounced as mee-hee' it means 'I' in latin' is a fully loaded customer support & servicing App' whitelabeled for the OEM.

    Customer support is a critical component for any device brand and for users the support App is the face of the brand. We help you build great experiences!!!

    Every year millions of smartphones' the World over' are sent to service centres & testing labs to resolve device related issues. Off them' 30-40% are labeled as No Trouble Found (NTF) and off the remaining only 4-5% device malfunctions are caused by hardware issues.

    This means that this very high percentage of device issues' that cost the industry over $7 billion a year' are predominantly fixable if correct support & information is provided to the end user.

    Key Features

    • 50+ device diagnostic tests
    • User self help
    • Remote agent diagnostics
    • Warranty Management
    • Devie Protect- Insurance' Extended warranty' Anti-virus
    • Chat

    OEMs get their own branded App in just 48hrs!!!

  • Express IQ

    Data visualization tool for OEMs. It is used for interactive data mining and visualized data analysis. Express IQ displays all the MOMENTs and important correlations on a single multi-screen interface. It offers pre-configured data visualization templates and provides OEMs with options to customize their data displays that will help them in faster decision-making.

    Key Features :

    • Define MOMENTs anytime' even after the release of the device
    • Real-Time Streams
    • Customise your reports & dashboard
    • Manage Access Control
  • Express Track

    Express Track is a lightweight App that provides out of the box tertiary device sales tracking capabilities to sales & sales planning teams.

    The tracker can also be extended to integrate with existing ERP and CRM solutions to manage distributor incentives' end user warranty' insurance services and device upsell opportunities over the lifecycle of the device

    Key Features:

    • Multiple Fallbacks to minimise tracking errors to near zero
    • Web based reporting
    • Customisable dashboard
    • APIs to integrate with ERP/CRM

    Track your device sales in real time and map the entire shipping to purchase journey

  • Siryn.ai

    Pronounced as saay-run(साईरन)

    Siryn is a smart delivery platform' for Smartphones & Android TVs' that allows Support Teams & Marketers to efficiently Profile & Engage their users. The platform comes fully loaded with Rich formats for Connected Devices.

        Key Features:

    • Multiple formats- Standard | Rich|  Video | Carosel | Storyboard and many more
    • MOMENTs based targeting
    • User Tips & Alerts
    • Campaign Manager
    • Real Time Reporting & attribution