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DataCultr provides telcos insights into network black spots and user behaviour' vital to plug potential revenue lekages and provide great user experience

  • Express IQ

    Express IQ provides Telcos tools for interactive data mining and visualized data analysis. Express IQ displays all the MOMENTs and important correlations on a single multi-screen interface. It offers pre-configured data visualization templates and provides developers with options to customize their data displays that will help them in faster decision-making.

    Key Features :

    • Define MOMENTs anytime
    • Real-Time Streams
    • Customise your reports & dashboard
    • Manage Access Control

    Telcos can integrate the Express IQ SDK with their consumer facing apps for smartphones and ANdroid TV boxes

  • Siryn.ai

    Pronounced as saay-run(साईरन)

    Siryn is a smart delivery platform' for Smartphones & Android TVs' that allows Support Teams & Marketers to efficiently Profile & Engage their users. The platform comes fully loaded with Rich formats for Connected Devices.

        Key Features:

    • Harvest usage from competition SIM
    • Multiple formats- Standard | Rich|  Video | Carosel | Storyboard and many more
    • MOMENTs based targeting
    • User Tips & Alerts
    • Campaign Manager
    • Real Time Reporting & attribution

    Telcos can integrate the Siryn SDK with their consumer facing apps for smartphones and with their Android TV boxes 

  • ARP188

    ARP188 provides vital information to Telcos about Network Black spots' that cause substantial revenue leakages and bad user experience. 

    ARP188' built on the highly efficient DataCultr SDK' builds heat maps and reports for Network planning & operations teams' that help them understand their and competitions weak & strong areas