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DataCultr OEM suite of products allows an OEM to manage both data visualization & user communication. Express IQ allows OEMs to track & visualize ‘MOMENTS’' while communication channels like the Push-Notification Service- Express Notify & Boxer Store allows for effective messaging.

  • Express Notify

    Push Notification Platform with Rich formats for Connected Devices. Integrate Express Notify with the DataCultr RTA API to ensure you reach your user at all the right MOMENTs and with the right communication.

        Key Feature:

    • Multiple formats- Standard Rich Video Carosel and many more
    • Campaign Manager
    • Real Time Reports
  • Express Tracker

    Track your device sales in real time map the entire shipping to purchase journey

    Key Features:

    • Integrate the feed with your CRM/ERP
    • Real time reports & dashboard


  • Boxer Store

    Create your own white-labeled marketplace on mobile provide to your user what they like to consume across categories. Integrate Boxer store with the DataCultr RTA API to ensure you are always providing the right content basis your user’s profile.

  • Express IQ for OEMs

    Data visualization tool for OEMs. It is used for interactive data mining and visualized data analysis. Express IQ displays all the MOMENTs and important correlations on a single multi-screen interface. It offers pre-configured data visualization templates and provides OEMs with options to customize their data displays that will help them in faster decision-making.

    Key Features :

    • Define MOMENTs anytime' even after the release of the device
    • Real-Time Streams
    • Customise your reports & dashboard
    • Manage Access Control