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Telcos & OEMs

  • Sales & Marketing Department
    • Track Sales: The sales team can track Primary to Tertiary sales' get reports in real-time and map consignments against location
    • Understand Usage: Understand device usage behavior across hardware' software' Apps & Sensors
    • CLM: The marketing team can create user segments' upsell' cross-sell and manage the entire customer life-cycle
  • Support Department
    • Product Registration & Warranty Management: Manage everything online & in real-time' helps in better service delivery & customer delight
    • User Self-help to run 50+ diagnostic tests to identofy & resolve device realted issues
    • Product View: Allow the support team to check overall product usage and device diagnostics
    • Remote Support: Support team can get an online view to a device user' check usage history and provide online resolution. When required agents can seek user permission to remotely access user's device and resolve issues Allowing OEMs to make their servicing team more productive & efficient
    • Product & Service Upsell: Online view to a device user allows the support team to also provide relevant products & services to the user' when she calls in
  • R&D Department
    • Get device diagnostics' Apps & sensor usage at a device level as well as at an aggregate level. Use actual usage data to design and manufacture great devices & features


  • Media Planners
    • Understand what campaigns are running in your geography & App category. Know everything from budgets to CPAs to KPIs to Rank Movement. Create your own portfolio of Apps and get one single view' we cover news' insights' App store activity' everything that will help you make an informed choice and create great media plans
  • Researchers
    • Understand device usage' see usage across hardware' software' Apps & Sensors at an aggregate level. Slice & dice data as you want' research as well as create great reports


  • Get access to a wealth of data for' utilise the platform and bring to life great innovations. Developers can learn & analyse device usage' App usage & consumer behavior' to improve – product design' processes and communication

Operating Systems Supported